Frequently asked Questions pertaining to Export in Defence Sector

A.1 An exporter intending to export an item falling under the list of military stores-Appendix-II of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which is available on the website of the Department - Please follow steps as under:- (i) Click the link – online application for grant of NOC for export of military stores. (ii) Register your firm by clicking on “New Company Registration” (iii) Fill-up the details (iv) Submit the form (v) Application will be approved online by Competent Authority in DDP. (vi) A password will be sent on the registered e-mail ID/Mobile of the Company. (vii) This password will be required for filling up the application for export of military stores. Upload relevant documents such as Purchase Order, End User Certificate etc.
A.3 Yes, the documents uploaded with the application are required to be sent by post toDepartment of Defence Production. NOC for export will be issued only after receipt of original documents in the Department.
A.4 The NOC will be issued for the entire order/ contract at one go. The quantity exported under each consignment shall be endorsed by Customs authorities on the original NOC at the time of each consignment. (Please refer para 3 (ix) of the SOP in this regard).
A.5 Cases for export of military stores in Appendix-II of SOP where EUC from Government of end user/ultimate end user country/State are not furnished, would also be examined by this Committee on case to case basis and recommended for issue of NOC only if plausible justification is provided.
A.6 Yes, the NOC issued by DDP is country specific
A.8 In normal circumstances, a NOC/In-principle approval once issued may not be withdrawn. However, foreign policy and national security objectives may require that the NOC/In-principle approval issued earlier be reviewed. In such a case, DDP would inform the applicant exporter.
A.9 is at an initial stage of participation in Tender/RFP/NIT or even NOC is issued for export of military stores where purchase order has been received by the Indian Exporter and the EUC certificate is also available with him. However, in case of In-Principle approval, the proposal for exploring business opportunities abroad. As such, all case of In-principle approval may not lead to the actual export of military stores.
A.10 The list of items requiring Industrial Licence and the list of military stores requiring NOC for export is different. Please refer to the list of military stores as notified vide DGFT Notification No. 115(RE-2013)/2009-2014 dated 13.03.2015 and the list of SCOMET items as available on the website of DGFT -
A.11 The ultimate destination refers to the ultimate end user country/state and, therefore, it may or may not be the same as the place or country of the customer who has issued the purchase order.
A.12 NOC will be issued for the port of loading/discharge indicated in the application for NOC. If there is any change subsequently, endorsement from Department of Defence Production would have to be taken by the exporter.