1. The provision of ‘Make’ category of capital acquisition in Defence Procurement Procedure is a vital pillar for realising the vision behind the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government, by fostering indigenous capabilities through design & development of required defence equipment/product/systems or upgrades/ sub-systems/components /parts by both public and private sector industry/organization in a faster time frame.
2. As per DPP-2016, there are two sub- categories of ‘Make’ Procedure:
      a) Make-I (Government Funded): Projects under ‘Make-I’ sub-category will involve Government funding of 90%, released in a phased manner and based on the progress of the scheme, as per terms agreed between MoD and the vendor.
      b) Make-II (Industry Funded): Projects under 'Make-II' category will involve prototype development of equipment/system/ platform or their upgrades or their
sub-systems/ sub-assembly/assemblies/components, primarily for import substitution/innovative solutions, for which no Government funding will be provided for prototype development purposes.
3. Based on the experience and feedback of industry after promulgation of DPP-2016, Government in January 2018 has notified a separate, simplified procedure for sub-category ‘Make-II’ having many industry friendly provisions.
4. The salient features of 'Make-II' procedure can be downloaded here.
5. The complete 'Make-II' procedure can be downloaded here.
6. The the suo-moto proposals for consideration under ‘Make-II’ sub-category may be submitted to Nodal officers of concerned SHQ . The format for suo-moto proposals can be downloaded here
7. Guidelines for ‘EoI’ Evaluation Criteria for ‘Start-Ups’ under ‘Make-II’ procedure
8. Brief summary of the identified projects containing tentative quantities, broad specification/ QRs, expected timelines for induction of these items by the Services, are available in the links given in this website.
9. Interested Indian companies may carry out preliminary assessment regarding their technical capability to undertake these projects and economic viability of the project and respond to the Questionnaire being uploaded time to time in respect of various projects.
10. The potential ‘Make-II’ projects have been divided into two lists:
      a) List-1: contains the potential ‘Make’ projects for which ‘Approval -in-Principle(AIP)’ has been accorded as per new 'Make-II' procedure and are being progressed for accord of Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) by SHQs.
      b) List-2: contains the projects which are at exploratory stages & the process of preliminary Feasibility study is under way.
11. The list of potential ‘Make’ projects being uploaded on this website is dynamic in nature and the projects which are relevant to the requirements of Indian Armed forces will be displayed.

List of Expression of Interest (EoI) issued for 'Make-II' Projects

Service Proposal Opening Date Closing Date View and Download Pre-Bid meeting details Pre-Bid meeting response/Q
Army Upgraded Assault Track way 19 Mar 2018 1 May 2018 Word / pdf    
Army Manoeuvrable Expendable Aerial Target (MEAT) 17 Apr 2018 29 May 2018 Word / pdf  
Navy Deep Sea Side Scan Sonar Towing Winch 11 May 2018 22 June 2018 Word / pdf   pdf
Navy Upper Air Sounding System (UASS) 17 May 2018 31 July 2018 Word / pdf 05 Jun 18 at 1500 Hrs pdf
Air Force Chaff and Flares 9th July 2018 24th September 2018 Word / pdf 1st August 2018  
Air Force Long Range Dual Band Infrared Search and Track system (IRST) 31 Aug 2018 9 Oct 2018 Word / pdf    

Questionnaires of Proposals:

Download Links:

Sr. No. Document  
1. ‘Make-II’ Procedure View/Download
2. List of Nodal officers and Projects Managers View/Download
3. List -1: Proposals accorded ‘Approval -in-Principle(AIP)’ as per new Make-II Procedure. View/Download
4. List -2 : Proposals which are at exploratory stage. View/Download
5. Brief of Proposals. View/Download

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