1. The provision of ‘Make’ category of capital acquisition in Defence Procurement Procedure is a vital pillar for realising the vision behind the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government, by fostering indigenous capabilities through design & development of required defence equipment/product/systems or upgrades/ sub-systems/components /parts by both public and private sector industry/organization in a faster time frame.
2. As per DPP-2016, there are two sub- categories of ‘Make’ Procedure:
      a) 'Make-I' (Government Funded): Projects under ‘Make-I’ sub-category will involve Government funding of 90%, released in a phased manner and based on the progress of the scheme, as per terms agreed between MoD and the vendor.
      b) 'Make-II' (Industry Funded): Projects under 'Make-II' category will involve prototype development of equipment/system/ platform or their upgrades or their
sub-systems/ sub-assembly/assemblies/components, primarily for import substitution/innovative solutions, for which no Government funding will be provided for prototype development purposes.
3. The procedure for 'Make-I' sub-category is available at Chapter -III of DPP-2016 which can be downloaded from MoD website. Click here to download DPP-2016
4. The list of ‘Make-I’ projects being uploaded on this website is dynamic in nature and the projects which are relevant to the requirements of Indian Armed forces will be displayed.

Download Links:

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1. ‘Make-I’ Procedure View/Download
2. List of Make-I projects with status. View/Download

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